Hm, Hi. Assalamualaikum. Today. Tuesday 11 of February 2014. Im not feeling very well. Little dizziness and gumpling. I dont know. Maybe because i ate too much? Maybe. But i never felt like this. Hm honestly. I miss my late mom. Nur Azliyna Bt Sufian. Someone reminded me of her. My own classmate. Her hijab, the way she drank the coffee. She is more likely like a sister to me. I call he Canaz. The way she pinch me every time i almost fell asleep almost the same. Now im alone in my room almost cry out of myself. I miss my mom. I miss my dad. I miss my sisters and brothers. I miss my sister Regina and her son Yusef. I miss everyone. I need Everyone. 

"Ya Allah, please. I called your name. You are the greatest,
You are the almighty,
Please take care of my family,
Please take care of my family,
Please take care of my family,
Please place my mom with the others that you give the best of the best level of kindness and heaven,
Please forgive her sins,
Please forgive our sins,
You are al Rahman and you are the al Rahim.
Amin aminn ya rabb al amin"

Thank you guys for read my blog for today. Keep reading and keep smiling because Allah is always there.

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