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Well Hi guys and Assalamualaikum, Its no longer "hello" for March but because I didn't post anything in this month so I will start my babbler with "hello".

Many things happened in March. I lost my friend. I lost some money. I failed some things. I feel so suck. And Its my birthday. Yeay I'm already 19. Its not something big when you turned 19. Everything sound bored to you. You feel like you are an old teenager that dying. I'm not bluffing. Seriously. Everything suck. I hate the people. 


I wish i can get back to school and learn from a teacher that i love and i wanted to study among my friends. In school. I hate college. Especially...  Nothing. Honestly i said i cant stand here no more. I hate it here. I wanna go home. Please someone cheer me up. I'm begging at that someone. I will love you and be your forever partner if.. you can stand with my attitude. Its not easy. Only the chosen one can stand with it. The rest who pulled back in my life is the looser. Go on. 

The good thing is i can know the people who really wanted to be with me. So many fake people nowadays pretending to be good, angel like, nice and fuck that shit. Bullshit if they know about peaceful and think about others they will never leave friends behind. I am pretty sad. I want to become their friend. But they don't want to. Because of my attitude. Ya i know it is not good to have "my" attitude.

I wanna start a new life. April. I wanna become your friend. I love making friend. And i love everyone. I cant stand being alone. Actually i can. But wait until i die. Then I'll be alone in my dark room. There are only two types of friends. The one who want to become our friend. Sincerely. And the one who accept our attitude and accept us just the way we are. Different thing. 

I hope March just an obstacle that Allah S.W.T sent to me so my sins will be remove slowly. And i hope April there will be a gift for me waiting in any days. Thanks for reading my babble post. 

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Good bye March. Thanks for everything. Hello April. Be good. Please.