Assalamualaikum everyone. This is my first post for my second time "build" a new blog. My old blog got stuck because of something that what teenagers love to made up "Heart Broken". Yah funny. Sorry for the broken English because tonight im not really in a good mood to write something. Im just bored. Yah again. So this is it. My new blog. Applause. Yeay. 

No fancy design and artwork for this first post. Just an article that just a waste to read. I wanna keep this blog as simple as me. "Selekeh" actually. For non-Malaysian you can google it up. I think i wanna fill this blog with my own life's stories, my own journey. I want my blog to be read from all over the globe. 

So.   This is it. The first boring post. Thanks. Keep reading and Assalamualaikum.