Assalamualaikum Hi! 

Today and its Saturday. The most beautiful day even storms or hurricane strikes right? Well how's your day? I hope your day are good as mine. Last night i had the most awesome sleeping time. I slept almost 14 hours. Wow right? 

But i

Seriously, I need it more than any iApple gadgets. And after i woke up i go to my friend's house which held a 'kenduri' and i ate a lot. I know my body's getting bigger but. Seriously i dont give a single damn about it. Sorry for cursing. So im planning to watch a movie for tonight because im not really doing anything at night recently.

I know iam such a loser because have not watch this movie. People said its kinda creepy so why not? Right? Maybe tonight i'll go for this movie. 

Im sorry for telling you guys rubbish reading stuff i know. Im so sorry. Thats all from me so maybe i'll post more rubbish tonight. Bye guys! Thanks for reading. Assalamualaikum

I love you xoxo