Hi Assalamualaikum Guys.

First. Im sad. Second. Im tired. Third. Im hungry and lastly im horny. Nah just kidding. Maybe. 

First why am i sad? Because i told you guys right that i wanna watch The Purge. But. You know. Cancel. Second. Why am i tired? Because im searching all over my place for the laptop to televisyen cable. But i cant find it! Third? Im hungry all the time. Lastly? Dude it was a joke. Seriously.

This is me right now with sad music playing fill my room with my beautiful sadness. Why teenagers are like this? Seriously why we cant be like tumblr teenagers? Playing around with their partners and eat everything smoke everything and have fun without thinking about what will come next? I really wanna be like them. But you know. I have homeworks, assignments and girlfriend. When we have girlfriend we cant be like those tumblr teenagers. Unless my girlfriend are 'tumblr'ian. Nah she's pretty like her attitude, those tumblr thing are just some kind of ridiculous things to do. My girlfriend take a good care of me. I love her so much. We have been more than 2 years. Yah because our 2 years anniversary was like 4 days ago.  I will take care of her. I promise. I know she will never read this but who cares? Im gonna write it anyway. 

Dude, if you from country that have the summer holiday. Be grateful! Because in Malaysia. Our longest holiday only for 4 weeks. We cant even recharge our beautiful sleep time. Why am i talking about holiday? Okay. Hm my Final Exam are just around the corner. Wish me luck. Hope you still reading this part because i wanna say I love you because you still reading my rubbish post. You have touched me. Awh. You made me cry. 

Okay thats all. Bye assalamualaikum.
This is for you. Love xo